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👋 Hey there, I’m Carmen - ex-lawyer turned Software Engineer turned Product Manager (and that’s my dog, Sachi).

Welcome to This Week In Tech, a newsletter that is a mixture of product, engineering, digital marketing, growth, and human psychology.

I’m going to start each newsletter off with a little personal story that relates to the world of tech, and then do a short case study of something I’ve found interesting in a digital product. It might be looking into how a platform has made the onboarding process a breeze, what keeps people coming back to an app (*cough* gamification *cough*), or how a team has made the perfect, killer landing page.

At the end, I’ll keep you posted on what I’m reading, what I’m listening to (in terms of podcasts - although you have been warned, there may be the occasional Spotify rain music playlist thrown into the mix), and something challenging that I’ve been thinking about and would love your thoughts on.

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